Apex Rx Solutions provides healthcare technology and consulting services. Our goal is to optimize operations for our clients utilizing cutting-edge solutions and the experience our team brings to the table.

Our professional procurement team has experience in serving Defense Forces and NGOs with extensive knowledge of regional markets all over the globe. Our suppliers are typically manufacturers or distributors of trusted and vetted international brands. We are also able to provide equivalent items when asked to meet the same quality standards if it is acceptable to our client. A little information about our sales and supply process which sets us apart from our competitors:

  • We focus on the sourcing and supply of goods for our clients and provide safe and timely delivery
  • All deliveries are made to our buyer at their designated consolidation point in their port of choosing to the designated person of contact.
  • When goods are delivered to the buyer, the receiver checks the quality, quantity and condition of the cargo. Once the shipment is deemed perfect, the delivery note is signed and an executed copy is sent as proof of delivery.
  • Upon delivery of the ticket, our invoice is issued for payment along with the signed delivery note.
  • In case of manufacturing defects, we can be contacted directly for immediate resolution.
  • No food items or arms are ever supplied by our companies.