We Buy PPE

We are a buyer for personal protective equipment (PPE) products. Due to number of brokers that have entered this industry as the COVID-19 pandemic spread, we have taken the necessary measures to protect the financial interests of our company, partners and clients.

We are willing and able to purchase large volumes of PPE. However, we are only interested in dealing directly with sellers who actually own the product. We have no problem in executing commission agreements and NCNDAs to protect those linking us to sellers. However, our purchasing process for spot buys outlined below is simple, allows for swift transactions and is non-negotiable.

  1. Tell us the producted being offerred and include the brand, lot #s, SKU, date of manufacture, quantity, sale price and delivery terms.
  2. We need a proof of life video which will include a code word and date printed on a piece of paper along with showing the inventory on hand and any relevant tag numbers.
  3. Next, we require seller information including a completed W9 and bank wiring instructions.
  4. Once the steps above are completed and we accept the offer, we will issue our purchase order (PO).
  5. Upon receipt of our PO, the physical location of the merchandise needs to be disclosed to us. We will send a member of our team within 24-48 hours anywhere in the US to inspect and verify the stock.
  6. Upon a successful verification, we will release payment to the seller by bank wire.
  7. Once seller confirms the incoming bank wire, we will take possession of the merchandise.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.